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 I spend most of my days imagining how to create personal revivals for people. No fear of God allowed tho. Just the person you are when no one is watching and a glass of water. Scream your own name until no one can shake you of it. Let your feet shuffle to the tune of the blood flowing through your veins. Tell yourself every lie you’ve ever swallowed and then spit them up until all the demons are gone. Have you ever seen a wild thing dance, ever heard the laughter of a freed man? I pray this moment for every person. Even if it doesn’t last, even if you keep coming back to get it. It’s natural for us to seek refuge in rituals anyway. Might as well be yourself.





The Hood Alchemist, Keisha Soleil is an Afro-Indigenous American artist and Shaman, who uses her voice and vision as a means to decolonize life as we know it. Infusing together culture, art and holistic practices to create collaborative healing, and to awaken the inner alchemist in the collective as well as the individual. Soleil is a Rennasaince on her own. Allowing Medicine and Melodies to be the root of her offerings, she inspires healing and movement where ever she goes. Through teaching, performance, production, and hosting community events, she provides everything you need to curate a wellness practice. One that is not only spiritual but gives you the tools to shift your connection to your life and transform your reality.

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